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Some Pittsburgh PA pics...

Underneath the convention center, looking towards the North Shore...

...upwards to the buttresses on the convention center

right outside from underneath the convention center's pass-under

the walkway to the docks underneath the convention center

Penn Avenue

(forgot the name) parking garage right by the Benedum

Plaza across the street from the Benedum, on Penn

and again...

a light inside the rotunda in the Pittsburgh Parking Authority Garage on Libery Avenue

driving down town on Liberty, the orange building on the right is the above mentioned garage... rotunda is on the other side

PPG of course...

Pittsburgh Parking Authority Garage, however this one is on Boulevard of the Allies, blurry picture, however the reflection of us in the windows came out perfectly clear, thought that was really interesting...

Smithfield Street Bridge

Oxford Center, Mellon Center, and USX Tower from a Mt. Washington view

New garage for the bus way (I think it's for the bus way, coming from above Rt. 51), right across from Station Square

Much further down Mt. Washington, the sun was gone already by this point... =./

Bronze statues on a building in downtown, one on the right with a missing head

Please however, if you want to use any of the pictures (I know many of them aren't good quality in this set, I was driving in the car and they aren't perfect in clarity), but if you want to use them, just please tell me you are copying them or whatever. Kinda angering if you see your own pics and people didn't say that they were taking them... but just tell me and they're yours to use! =) I love to share when people just tell me!

Hope you enjoyed!
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