I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote in showusyourcity,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Camera: Pentax SFX(n)
Film: Kodak 400 High Def or Kodak Max 200

1. The fountain/plaza area downtown near the new Warren Theater. I wish I hadn't overexposed this.
Settings unrecorded.

2. Overexposed again.
Settings unrecorded.

3. A railroad. I think I have a scratch in my Skylight filter, or I needed a lens hood, or both.
F/16, 20s

4. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, Midnight Mass. I was all about the overexposure that night, I guess.
F/11, 20s

</font>My walk along the Arkansas River

5. Lights at Central & McLean.
F/8, 15s.

6. Same lights. Chemical marks thanks to the moron at Walgreens. Just a tad overexposed - the colors washed out a bit.
F/3.5, 10s

7. Exploration Place from kind of far away. One of the only architecturally interesting buildings in Wichita.
F/8, 10s. 80mm-210mm telephoto lens.

8. The Keeper of the Plains. I like this shot.
F/5.6, 10s. 28mm-80mm.

9. Some bird.
F/4.5, 10-15s. 80mm-210mm telephoto lens.

10. Closeup of the colorful river.
F/4.5, 15s. 80mm-210mm telephoto lens.

11. Wichita's downtown area. I should have despeckled it to remove some of the graininess.
F/8, 7s


12. Facing West over US 54.
F/22, 20s.

13. Facing West over US 54, zoomed in.
F/11, 20s. 80-210 telephoto w/ 2x converter.

14. Facing East over US 54.
F/11, 15s.

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