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when i get that feeling i want textual heaving


I took all these pictures on a typically dreary Seattle winter day.

Seattle's Kalakala - an old ferry docked on Lake Union

The Alaskan Way Viaduct - a double-level elevated highway on Seattle's waterfront

Belltown - the monorail, Space Needle, and folks standing in line to see LOTR at the Cinerama (to the left)

Downtown, from the southern tip of Lake Union

Downtown, from the northern end of Lake Union

The Fremont Bridge - spends more time up than any other draw bridge in the world

Eastlake Avenue, at the base of Capital Hill

The Gasworks - the white lettering at the bottom - someone has painted "CONSUME LESS LIVE MORE"

Skyline and Interstate 5, looking south

Mercer Avenue and Queen Anne Hill

Skyline, tucked behind Queen Anne Hill

The University District - Interstate 5 (to the right) - skyline tucked behind Capital Hill in the back

University Avenue in the University District

Westlake Avenue - typical Seattle run-down fashion

Reflection of the Space Needle on office building in Belltown
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